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Moral Story Books For Kids

King Jerome has been writing children’s stories for the last 40 years but, due to the constant demands of affairs of state, he has not presented them to the children of the kingdom until now.

Volumes One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six of King Jerome’s Library are part of ten volumes, written to date, and King Jerome hopes to present them in the coming months and years.

King Jerome is very pleased and humbled that you will read his ramblings, and he hopes that those of any age will enjoy these stories and will apply the lessons, learned by the story’s characters, to their own life.

All of these volumes contain three complete books under one cover. At this time, six volumes are available containing a total of 18 independent, unrelated stories, each ending with a lesson.

The titles of each story are as follows:

Volume One

The Least Beast

The Parrot’s Carrot

The Spell From The Wishing Well

Volume Two

Durdee Burdee

The Fish’s Wishes

The Preposterous Rhinoceros

Volume Three

The Cockle-Doodle-Doo Of Rooster Blue

The Giraffe Who Couldn’t Laugh

The Bear Who Didn’t Care

Volume Four

The Tale Of The Snail And The Whale

The Witchen Kitchen

A Bug Is Better To Meet Than To Eat

Volume 1

Softcover  $19.95

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Softcover  $19.95

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Total        $ 21.60

Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4

Softcover  $19.95

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Softcover  $19.95

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These are large volumes (8 ½ X 11) with very colorful and detailed artwork. Your child will be drawn to the deep colors of each, individual page produced by the talented castle artist.

King Jerome believes you will find the quality of these volumes to be uncommonly high for the bargain prices listed for three books in each volume.

Pricing for the softcover is $19.95. That’s only $6.65 per book

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Copyright   2020   Jerome Fried

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Softcover  $19.95

Sales Tax  $  1.65

Free Shipping____ Total        $21.60

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Volume 5

Volume Five

The Troll’s Bowl

The Worm Who Lost His Squirm

The Mound In The Ground

Volume 6

Softcover  $19.95

Sales Tax  $  1.65

Free Shipping____ Total        $21.60

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Volume Six

The Pig Named Twig

One Fine Porcupine

The Donkey Who Wanted A Monkey