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The Troll’s Bowl

Why is one troll so much more successful than the other trolls in the same business?

Why are his eyes so different, so warm and so caring?

These are the questions a young troll seeks to find answers for… from the successful,

warm-eyed troll himself.

The Worm Who Lost His Squirm

A worm suddenly finds itself straight and can no longer wiggle and squirm.

What happened?

He looks for answers from various creatures but finally gets his answer… and the cure…

from those he should have gone to first.

The Mound In The Ground

Two ants suddenly hear a large noise underground.

“The ground is falling,” they suddenly exclaim.

With that in mind, their mission is to run to the very bottom of the ant mound to…

  Save the Queen!

Copyright   2020   Jerome Fried

Volume Five