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Volume Four

Volume 4

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Copyright   2020   Jerome Fried

The Tale Of The Snail And The Whale


A young sea snail wants a pet. When he tells his father what he wants for a pet, his father laughs and laughs and

all the other sea creatures who heard it laugh as well. He becomes the joke of the ocean.

A whale hears the story and realizes how bad this little snail must feel. He sets out to help.


The Witchen Kitchen


Three witches are stirring a large cauldron in the middle of a forest. Talking and laughing, they are having a great time. The surrounding forest creatures are sure these witches are up to no good.

They stare from the dark forest, watching these witches stir and stir. It’s all very frightening.

Surely these witches plan to cook one of them.  But wait!  Why are there icicles on the sides of the hot pot?


A Bug Is Better To Meet Than To Eat


Hmmm! But what if the bug is covered in chocolate?  No, a bug is still better to meet than to eat. 

A bug might have an interesting story to tell. Most bugs keep a lot of secrets but have you ever stopped to talk to one?

You may find one that would like to have a conversation or one that just wants to be friendly and say “Hi.”

You will never know until you try.