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Volume Three

Volume 3

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The Cockle-Doodle-Doo Of Rooster Blue

A rooster, chickens and sheep are moved to a high mountain pasture for the summer, surrounded by mountains. When the rooster crows in the morning, it echoes back from the mountains in the exact way it was sent.

But this rooster has a little speech problem and he thinks that other roosters in the mountains are making fun of him. So, he sets out to find them but has to march through the dangerous forest in his quest.

The Giraffe Who Couldn’t Laugh

Have you ever heard a giraffe laugh? Probably not. But this giraffe is determined to laugh, no matter how hard he has to work at it. Join this giraffe on his road of discovery to learn how to laugh.

It may all sound like a silly idea…until it actually happens.

The Bear Who Didn’t Care

Why should a bear care about any other creature? This bear sure didn’t. It was all about me, me, me, me.

When he has an unfortunate accident, other creatures come to help him. “Why would they come to help me?” he wondered. “I don’t care about them.” Read how this bear changed his attitude and made life so much better for others…and himself.