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Volume Two

Volume 2

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Durdee Burdee

Durdee Burdee didn’t like to take a bath.  He thought he was just fine without one.

Although his friends tried to tell him otherwise, he didn’t believe them and caused a lot of smelly discomfort for his friends.  Soon, no one could be around him.

The story shows how Durdee Burdee finally understands one of the reasons we take baths.

The Fish’s Wishes

Fernando Ricardo Eduardo Drippinghead didn’t like his name or being the fish he was born to be. If he could only have been this creature or that one or even that other one over there. He was miserable and very unhappy with himself.

Lucky for him, he found a bottle at the bottom of the ocean with a magic genie in it who gave him the wishes he needed to explore being something else.

The Preposterous Rhinoceros

A young rhinoceros was born and raised in a zoo with high walls surrounding him. He has no idea what the other animals he hears look like.

But birds fly into his enclosure telling him of what they have seen.  He doesn’t believe these birds, who tell fantastic stories of animals they’ve seen in the surrounding zoo. The birds also tell him that the other creatures in the zoo don’t believe such an animal as a rhinoceros exists either. He has to get out to see for himself.

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