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Volume One

Volume 1

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The Least Beast

A lion, who knows he’s the King of the Beasts, begins to wonder who is the least.

Of course, no animal, bird, or other creature wants to be the least, but wisdom and insight prevail leading to a surprise for all the creatures…and maybe you, too.

The Parrot’s Carrot

This parrot lives in a house filled with love. As such, the parrot can’t help but absorb that love and responds to others with a loving heart. The once-a-week carrot treat becomes a vehicle of overwhelming love as it is passed from one to another.

The Spell From The Wishing Well

An ogre in a forest has no idea what happiness is and thinks that happy, singing birds are just not very bright. How does he find his happiness? Hmmm…you don’t want me to spoil the ending, do you?